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At Approved Accounting, we offer a wide range of business bookkeeping services to allow you to choose the perfect solution for your business. This ranges from compliance and advisory-only services to bookkeeping, right through to outsourced finance department and a virtual FD option.

Here we’ll focus on bookkeeping services, and how it might work if you ask us to include this in our accounting package for your business. Please contact us to talk to a qualified bookkeeper for a bespoke quote or see our monthly accounting prices for more information.

Determining your bookkeeping service needs

The system and level of work required to provide bookkeeping to the right standards of quality and as efficiently as possible will vary hugely from small businesses to large businesses. 

So it is important to first look carefully at the existing bookkeeping system, determine the changes that may be needed, and come up with a plan for implementing changes and delivering what you need as quickly as possible, and with minimum disruption to your accounting.

Support and bookkeepers oversight services

It may be that you have good basic procedures in place, and ask our bookkeepers to provide support and oversight to ensure any queries and more complex or unusual items are dealt with correctly. This is a more ‘light touch’ approach and works well where you have either very simple transactions, some accounting experience yourself, or support staff who do.

Our bookkeepers can help ensure that for example VAT and other taxes are accounted for correctly at the point of entry, which is a common area where errors can arise. In addition, in order to have figures in your software that give a true representation of the business as you go, accounting entries such as depreciation of assets, work in progress and stock adjustments, allowances for tax need to be made.

Our bookkeeper involvement allows this to happen and ensures you have accurate results all of the time, and not be caught out by big surprises when you get to the year end and everything changes!

bookkpeeing services for small businesses

Outsourced bookkeeping service

Alternatively, you may not have the experience or time to do bookkeeping in-house, and prefer us to do it for you. This is a popular option for some key reasons:

We'll make bookkeeping easy for your business

We would work with you to identify the best way to make bookkeeping as easy as possible from your businesses point of view. A typical service arrangement for a small business might be:

Tailored accounting systems

This is just an example of our bookkeeping services, and there are numerous approaches we can take and systems we can implement in order to give you the solution you need. Many small businesses will have their own particular accounting requirements, and so we always tailor a specific system for you, to ensure you get exactly what you need from our bookkeepers.

Add-ons and integrations = efficient bookkeeping

We often use add-on accounting software to ensure the bookkeeping system we build is as efficient as possible, and technology plays a central role in this. Products with Xero integrations such as Receipt Bank, Gocardless, Paypal, Revolut, Auto-Entry, Transferwise, Shopify, Woocommerce and many more allow us to link systems for efficient transfer and consistency of data, saving time and maximising financial accuracy.

Contact us to find out more about our bookkeeping services

Whatever the size or type of your business, we can offer a bookkeeping solution designed to meet your needs perfectly. Please fill in the website contact form, call us or email [email protected] for more information and a no-obligation quote.

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