Accountants for App and Game Developers

App and Video Game Developers

The app and gaming industry is worth billions to the UK economy and growing all the time. But for every huge multi-national publisher, there are thousands of small, owner-managed companies, ranging from startups developing a new idea or looking for funding to established small or indie game developers with a successful product or area of expertise.

The UK Government wants developers to thrive in an environment created to reward innovation and nurture a highly-skilled workforce to compete on the global stage. To facilitate that, the UK tax system has a number of key features designed to help support those macro-economic aims.

But in an increasingly complex world where markets are global and the need to keep up with competitors is absolutely crucial, small businesses can find it difficult to make the right decisions and think strategically if they don’t have the right foundations and systems in place, or access to the right advice.

Our Key Accounting Services for Developers

At Approved Accounting, we are experienced in providing those key services that every small, ambitious developer needs to have. We can provide the valuable support you need through the key phases of your business lifecycle, whatever stage you are at.

Efficient Accounting Systems

As with any business, it is important to develop an efficient system and ensuring you have the right data to run the business effectively and strategically.

This begins with protocols for efficient data capture, integrating systems to share data, and utilising automation wherever possible.

It is often a logical and very sensible step to outsource the whole finance function in a small business, typically where the owners’ time is most valuably spent concentrating on product development, sales and marketing and so on. Approved Accounting offer high quality solutions for outsourcing your finance dept, and we can also provide you with Financial Director services to complement this model.

Accounting for App and Game Developers

Technology-Focussed Accounting

We are a technology-focused business, so employing solutions appropriate to a technology business such as a developer of software house comes naturally to us. Accountants sometimes have a reputation for being old-fashioned and slow to adopt change, but we are the opposite to this characterisation!

We are always looking for new and more intelligent ways to employ technology to reduce human workloads, increase efficiency and accuracy of data, and create time savings which are used to increase the amount of advisory and support work we’re able to do for our clients within their chosen budget and service level.

We aim to be head and shoulders above our competitors by recognising and concentrating on the areas we can really make a difference to your business, and in doing so ensure our service has a genuinely positive impact.

Levels of Service

There are a number of levels of service we can offer, covering some or all of these areas:
Plus specialist services, such as:

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Whatever your company’s needs, we’re confident that we can offer the level of support and advice your business needs and deserves, and form a long and successful working relationship.

Get in touch today to find out what we can do for your app or video game business!

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