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Calling all Social Media Influencers, Bloggers, Vloggers and Online Content Creators

Are you a social media influencer, blogger, YouTuber or online content creator? At Approved Accounting, we have an accounting team who understand the social media industry and work closely with influencers at the heart of the social media sector.

We are therefore ideally-placed to understand your digital business, and give you the right advice to capitalise on opportunities and produce the best revenues and profits you can from your online brand.

We can structure your finances and plan your taxes

It is crucial to recognise when a hobby becomes a business, and to conduct yourself and run your finances in a professional way. To help you achieve that, a partnership with Approved Accounting will allow you to plan strategically, structure your business and revenue streams in a co-ordinated way, and ensure your tax affairs are planned in an efficient way.

You also need to consider different opportunities to monetise and develop your brand, and in doing so negotiate the right terms to give you the best financial outcome.

accountants for social media influencers and bloggers

Helping you run your social media business in the best way

Amidst all of this, protection of the online brand and reputation you’ve worked so hard to build is paramount, as is doing what you can to ensure longevity and avoid being a flash-in-the-pan. Clearly this can’t be achieved solely through intelligent financial management, but it is an excellent foundation and also promotes the right mindset to take your business seriously and run it in a professional way.

Often, a business owner will struggle to find the time (and perhaps the inclination) to worry about mundane matters such as running finances, which underlines the value of having a close partner to trust and rely on to take care of these important things for you. 

Therefore, our accounting service is geared towards doing just that – requiring as little input (and therefore hassle) as possible for you, but giving you the peace of mind that you’re in good hands, your social media or blogging business is run professionally, and opportunities are not missed.

Accounting services we offer to social media influncers include:

And much more!

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If you’re in the social / online media sector and are at the point where you need professional support, or feel you are not getting the service you need from your existing advisers, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation analysis of your needs and proposal on the service we can offer.

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