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The UK leads the way when it comes to digital innovation and; thanks to a clever combination of homegrown talent and financial investment; it is now considered by many to be the tech capital of Europe. But as the pace and complexity of new technology and IT developments increase, it is more important than ever that specialist partnerships are formed.

At Approved Accounting, we understand that the growth of a tech business moves at a much faster rate. This is why we ensure that our clients have all the financial resources and business confidence they need to keep innovating and evolving in such a competitive industry.

Accounting services for digital and technology entrepreneurs

The UK is a hotbed for tech talent which includes software designers, app developers, hardware manufacturers, animation producers and social media influencers (to name but a few!). And, with the government continuing to invest in innovation through R&D tax relief, VGTR, patent box and other incentives, there couldn’t be a better place to put these sought-after skills to good use and build your own technology company.

At Approved Accounting we can provide you with more than just the day to day basics. Whether you are a tech start up in need of strategic advice, or a growing Fintech company seeking more comprehensive support and growth, we have the experience and know-how to help you succeed.

It’s time to take what you deserve

It’s hard to keep innovating when you don’t have the means, but thanks to a vibrant capital-raising market, access to debt funding becoming simpler all the time, and Government support such as grants and specialist tax relief scheme, companies within the technology industry can claim a generous tax deduction or cash refund from HMRC.

We’ll ensure that your innovations are recognised and that you claim the funds your business is entitled to. R&D tax incentives for example are available to all small to medium sized companies, providing their project meets the correct criteria.

Patent Box Tax Regime & Video Games Tax Relief

At Approved Accounting we can advise on the availability of R&D tax credit as well as the Patent Box tax regime and Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR). So, don’t let your business be one of the many missing out on these tax relief schemes. If you think you qualify, or for more information, get in touch with us today

accountants for IT companies

The perfect information technology accountant

At Approved Accounting you’ll be please to know that we use innovative technology to help you too.

Online bookkeeping systems such as Xero provide you with real-time financial information that can be accessed by multiple devices, anywhere in the world.

Automating essential but otherwise time-consuming accounting tasks such as raising and paying invoices or logging receipts allows you to build efficient systems, ensuring you have the time to capitalise on business opportunities, plan more effectively and ultimately grow your business faster.

Alongside our core services, we also advise our IT and technology clients in areas such as:

Why IT and technology firms choose us as their accountants

We are an independent accounting company specialising in the IT and technology sectors. Our wide range of knowledge and experience allows us to understand the challenges that these modern industries face, to develop ideas, gain traction and grow.

At Approved Accounting, we understand the importance of collaborative working relationships and are adept at supporting technology companies, no matter how big or small. From start-ups to established brands, our team accountants and tax advisers deliver a truly bespoke and personalised service to our clients, on a fixed fee basis and without any hidden costs.

So, whilst your company develops tomorrow’s technology, we’ll help pave the way for your financial success today.

To find out more about our services and accounting fees please get in touch with Approved Accounting.

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