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Four years ago our client, Victoria Lambert from Dysart Press, realised she was spending too much time running her accounts and was lacking the clear advice she needed to manage them efficiently. She approached Approved Accounting seeking the help of a professional team to help her get back to spending more time focusing on her business, rather than the money.

The problem

Relying on Excel spreadsheets to manage finance, and tax planning and savings, Victoria was lacking any real advice and support. Our first step when we initially started working with Victoria four years ago was to really get to understand how the business operated. We then evaluated Victoria’s existing book-keeping system to identify any weaknesses, once we’d established what functions she needed from an online accounting platform we were able to recommend the best system for her.

Moving to Xero

Once we’d established how the business worked we recommended Victoria move her accounting to Xero online accounting, due to the efficiency of data entry, up-to-date picture the system provides of the business and the intuitive interface it offers.

We took her existing spreadsheets and transferred these to Xero, before training Victoria on the day-to-day using and running of the system – enabling her to quickly and easily raise invoices, match payments and submit expenses. And ditch the spreadsheets for good.

Business planning

One key issue Victoria wanted to quickly address was the need for clarity in her financial and tax planning strategy. So, over the course of the first year we worked with her to guide her through the changes she needed to implement in order to get back on track. We worked together on a clear plan to ensure Victoria was able to pay herself and save towards her tax bill, which now, thanks to Xero and our ongoing advice and support, no longer comes as an unwelcome surprise at the end of the year.

The end result? Victoria feels her book-keeping is more efficient than ever before and is no longer faced with the worry or fear that her tax bill hasn’t been done on time. But our service goes further than talking about her accounts and tax, most of our discussions are around business support, such as growth planning and marketing – providing an invaluable all-around service. Victoria is delighted with what she’s achieved with Approved Accounting so far, saying:

“Jon and his associates really took time to get to know how our company operates, and identify where any potential weaknesses in our own bookkeeping lay. As a result, we feel more in control with all our accounting and tax concerns.
As we are in the process of launching another small business, we’ve turned to the team again, and have been really pleased with their insights and creative advice during the planning period.”

More about Dysart Press

Victoria Lambert is an award-winning journalist who set up Dysart Press Ltd in 2006, a media company specialising in journalism, publishing, corporate work and training.

Discover what more of clients have to say about us. If you’d like to speak to us about getting your accounts organised contact us now and email Jon.

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