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Research & Development (R&D) tax credits are not exclusive to scientific and technology organisations – any business that undertakes R&D may be eligible and we help all kinds of companies claim the tax credits they deserve.

We provide R&D tax credit solutions to a wide variety of industries

The government’s Research & Development scheme (R&D) exists to reward innovation and drive economic growth. In a nutshell, it allows companies undertaking R&D to claim an extra 130% on eligible expenses before tax. The scheme is, therefore, extremely valuable to SMEs and many rely on it to support their business growth. At Approved Accounting, we can guide you through the sometimes complex process and help you claim the funding you need to carry out your valuable work.

App development

The ever-growing app industry is extremely lucrative for the UK, making app development companies prime candidates for R&D tax credits.


Development in engineering is essential to economic growth and firms often rely on R&D credits to carry out their valuable research.

Food / Drink / Breweries

Each and every one of us relies on affordable, healthy and sustainable sources of food, so there is huge scope for R&D in the food and drink industry.


With the advent of Industry 4.0, developments in manufacturing have never been more critical and R&D tax credits can help your company to drive innovation.

Small Businesses / SMEs

R&D tax credits can be a very valuable source of funding for growing SMEs, enabling them to grow their business, even if they are not yet making a profit.

Start Ups

By its very nature, a start-up is innovative and forward looking so very likely qualifies for R&D tax credit on some aspect of its development work.


SMEs often hire subcontractors for R&D projects and are usually entitled to claim 65% of their salaries for qualifying activities.

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