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Many small to medium-sized businesses find their potential for growth limited due to a lack of time and resource. Accounting tasks, in particular, can swallow up valuable hours, days, and weeks that could be spent on strategic development. It is a real Catch-22 situation when a business is prime for expansion, yet without the resource or budget to make it happen.

At Approved Accounting, we understand how frustrating it can be for small businesses to have their focus diverted by everyday tasks such as bookkeeping and financial reporting. We offer flexible and affordable accounting outsourcing to help our clients focus on making their business thrive.

How can outsourcing my accounting benefit my company?

An outsourced finance function has many financial and operational benefits, along with providing valuable peace of mind. Here are just some of the advantages of outsourcing to Approved Accounting.

Time saving

Perhaps the biggest benefit to small businesses in outsourcing their accounts is the reward of time. Time that can be more productively spent growing your business, driving efficiency, or, time that simply allows more breathing space for day-to-day operations.

Cost efficiency

Hiring reliable and experienced finance personnel is expensive, and simply beyond the means of some small companies. By outsourcing your accounts, you can benefit from the services of highly qualified professionals, while keeping costs at a minimum.

Professional advice

It can be hugely reassuring to have a professional accounting team at the end of the phone or at the click of a mouse. We are always happy to offer the benefit of our expertise and act as a sounding board for our clients’ ideas.

Increased profitability

At Approved Accounting, our outsourcing services include seeking efficiencies and helping you to make smart savings. We can also aid financial planning to support business growth.


When you outsource to a professional, the burden of completing annual returns, keeping up-to-date with legislation, and meeting deadlines is lifted from your shoulders.

Business continuity

A small company can suffer when there are gaps in staffing due to illness or leave. By outsourcing, you are guaranteed a constant and reliable service, without interruption.

Improved decision making

At Approved Accounting, we can provide instant access to financial data to support business decisions, along with producing regular management accounts.

Greater efficiency through technology

Today’s accounting software offers a level of sophistication that can transform the way companies operate. Approved Accounting can help you to implement cloud-based software that can be accessed anywhere and significantly speeds up accounting processes.

Our accounting outsourcing services

Approved Accounting can offer accounts outsourcing tailored to your business, including the following services. Our monthly packages are flexible, allowing you to select the services that are most valuable to you.

Bookkeeping services

The most important aspect of bookkeeping is to establish an efficient system that fully meets the requirements of the business. We always start by conducting a review of current practices before implementing changes with the minimum of disruption. We can then take care of your cash flow including invoicing, credit control, payment schedules, and reporting. Read more about our bookkeeping services.

Management accounts

Timely and accurate management accounts are essential to understand how your business is performing and to aid successful decision making. Our team can establish a consistent monthly and/or quarterly reporting process to track progress toward key performance indicators (KPIs). The valuable analysis can help steer day-to-day decisions, budgeting, forecasting, and long-term strategic planning.

VAT and tax returns

Your dedicated team of outsourced accountants can relieve you of the burden of completing tasks such as VAT returns, filing tax returns to HMRC, PAYE administration, and your annual submission to Companies House. Not only does this relieve you of a time-consuming chore, but you can rest assured that your returns are completed in a timely manner and in accordance with the latest guidelines and legislation.

Xero Online Accounting

Cloud software has set a new standard of efficiency in accounts, and we firmly believe it is the future for small businesses. Xero online accounting allows multiple stakeholders to view live, accurate information, such as cash flow, wherever they are. As it is cloud-based, there is nothing to install, updates are made automatically, and all of your data is securely backed up. As a Xero Gold Champion Partner, Approved Accounting is ideally placed to help you implement this revolutionary software across your business.

Payroll services

To run payroll in-house requires significant investment in staff, training, and software. For many small businesses, this is simply not feasible and payroll duties fall to management, eating up valuable time each month. By outsourcing payroll to Approved Accounting, you can dramatically reduce costs and our experts can keep you posted on important developments in payroll legislation.

Virtual FD services

Many ambitious, fast-growing businesses get to the point that they require the services and expertise of a Financial Director, but cannot yet justify the expense of an FD’s salary. This is where outsourcing can really pay off, providing you with a level of professionalism and experience that would ordinarily be beyond your budget. Approved Accounting can offer high level services such as forecasting, grant applications, raising equity, and board reporting, when your company needs it the most.

Outsourced accounting services from Approved Accounting

We are dedicated to helping small businesses thrive with our range of outsourced accounting services. Our friendly and approachable team prides itself on making accounting effortless for our clients. Our aim is to make your finances more efficient while reducing the demand on your time, freeing you to concentrate on your business.

We offer complete flexibility and can integrate our outsourcing services with internal finance functions if necessary. Our monthly packages can be tailored to the needs of your business, and you can cherry-pick the services that are most valuable to you. Whether you require basic bookkeeping services or complete financial governance, you can be certain of a highly professional and cost-effective service.

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