Small Things Make a Big Difference

Why small things make a difference in construction accounting

It’s the small things that really add up that make Nigel Wright of A Wright Builders and Joinery Ltd so happy to work with Jon and the team at Approved Accounting. Nigel’s business has grown dramatically from a turnover of around £500,000 to nearly £5,000,000 a year in a very short time. To help him with this change, Approved Accounting have not only offered help and advice outside of the usual remit and usual working hours of an accountant, we have been personable, friendly and never too busy to give A Wright Builders and Joinery Ltd the support they need when they need it.

Small Things Make a Big Difference

Off the Clock

When Nigel worked with Jon through another firm, he was happy with the service he received but, after Jon left to join Approved Accounting, he felt that the people he dealt with were constantly ‘on the clock’ and he was paying for every minute. Having a fixed fee with Jon made him feel comfortable to talk to him whenever he needed to. With Approved Accounting, Nigel is impressed with the how he can speak to someone outside of normal working hours and it’s all included in his fixed fee.

There to Advise

The quality and variety of the advice he’s received is also something that Nigel feels has made a big difference to his business. Aside from providing accounting, tax planning and business growth advice, Jon is also a useful sounding board for Nigel on other matters – recently they have discussed health and safety, employment law and how to find out which receiver was dealing with a property he was interested in purchasing. This willingness to help above and beyond expectation is what makes Nigel so keen to recommend Approved Accountant and keeps him coming back to us year after year.

Planning is Everything

End of year planning has been invaluable to A Wright Builders and Joinery Ltd to minimise their tax bill and plan how best to use their now much higher profits in the best way to benefit their business in the future.

Xero the Hero

Jon also advised Nigel to switch his accounting system from Sage to Xero. Nigel said this made a huge difference to his business as Xero is so much more flexible and convenient to use. He particularly likes the fact that he can access the system from anywhere.

The Personal Touch

It’s not all accounting systems and tax advice though. Nigel likes the fact that Jon and Matt take the time to really get to know their clients personally. They have even watched football matches and played golf together.

At Approved Accounting, we are extremely proud that clients like Nigel are so pleased with our service and we are delighted to be able to offer him all the support he needs in a way and at a time that suits him and his business.

To find out how we can help your business, call 01730 823 000 or email Jon.

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